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Friday, june 26th - We finished a great project for an important non-profit, delivering their organisation a 'new near-future-proof service delivery model' that focusses on their strenghts and the demand of their (future) customers/users. This inspiring result was obtained in close collaboration with a very dynamic team of - mainly - younger employees. Thanks guys - and girls!

Tuesday, june 9th - Invited to coach a workshop & develop a case on the subject of Business Process Management in a real business environment, for about 40 students at the Executive Master in IT Management @Solvay Brussels Business School. Got some good questions, followed by an enriching discussion.

June 2015 - We received our accreditation from the Flemish government (Entreprise Flanders Agency) to support PME's with the identification of their 'determinants for growth' and the elaboration of an 'action plan' to spur their growth track. This specific form of strategic advice (called 'opportunitietsnanalyse') is subsidized for 75% of the total project cost, or max. 25.000 Euros. 

Tuesday, mai 19th - 16.00, Peter Buelens is invited as a guest speaker at Kwinta (Quality through Innovation & Talent, by the Flemish Center for Quality Management): His intervention will cover the following topic: 'Management 2.0: Manage at one stroke, customer expectations, quality, risks and performance…!' His lecture is followed by a networking drink!

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March 2015 // Ministry of Finance - We reached for this customer some important milestones in upgrading their portfolio management practices: more emphasis on strategic fit, on good and well elaborated business cases, on the need for a close support of project managers and project sponsors by the internal PMO-services, on a better governance of projects and portfolio's, amongst others... It was indeed an exciting journey, with a very focused and motivated team, together with a strong leadership from their strategy office direction.

February 2015 - Follow our blog 'Strategy Execution Insights'

January 2015 // NICC - The introduction of Lean management at the Toxicology Lab (phase 1) was a huge succes: active management of core processes, lower expenses for consumables, 'on time' results +60% (from 22% towards 90%) in 3 months, ... and this is only the beginning...!!

December 2014 // City of Antwerp - We just finished a great workshop with the management team 'stadsontwikkeling'. Together we discovered that 'leadership' and 'accountability' are of paramount importance to sustainable project management within an organization… In other words: it's all about people!

November 2014 // OVAM - Presenting to the management team the results of the audit we did on the effectiveness in handling performance measurement, strategy execution follow-up, reporting, etc. Conclusion: let's focus on what really counts; prioritizing might help; a clear governance is a thing of beauty and off course... discipline is what matters!

2012 - Een ondersteunende matrixstructuur als succesfactor voor een kwaliteitsvol strategisch management in de FOD Financiën - Vlaams Tijdschrift voor Overheidsmanagement, Jaargang 17 - nr. 02 - Die Keure

2011Bestuurswetenschappen - De overheid: instellingen en beleid - Prof. dr. H. Matthijs, P. Buelens, K. Marchand - 2de editie - Intersentia, 2011