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Business Process Management (BPM) & Lean

Go for operational excellence!

Business processes are probably the most essential part of an organization, because businesses and operations thrive thanks to well-defined and lean processes... Reason why you should manage your processes consciously, company-broad and in an all-inclusive way! 

Peter Buelens, founder and managing director of Strategic MCS, works since a few years on what he calls ‘'the all-inclusive BPM approach'': use your Business Process Management framework and the governance that goes with it to master your risks, quality, performance, human resources, workflow automation, etc. 

What are the ingredients of this flavored dish?

  • Business Process Management – managing a company’s processes should be mainstream, but far to often it is not like that...
  • Business Process Improvement – managing your processes is important, but continuously improving them is better!
  • Lean Management – avoid waste and make that ambition part of your company culture.
  • Performance Management – monitoring your performance is paramount to your success!
  • Quality Management – … a seamless part of  your ‘business as usual’ if integrated in your business process management practice…
  • Resource Management – considered as a delicate one… but so obvious if based on clear processes and indicators.
  • Internal Control & Risk Management – often considered as a burden, but a piece of cake if integrated with your BPM-approach
  • Workflow automation – every ones ambition, but only reachable if funded on well designed processes…
  • Operational excellence – measuring what really matters has always been a challenge…


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We can audit/assess your actual way of working and maturity in this domain, we can benchmark your BPM-practice, we offer guidance through our consultancy and coaching expertise, we can train your top and middle management and their teams and offer monitoring and management-practice.