Strategic MCS Consultants supports organisations and companies with the development and execution of their strategy. But strategy execution needs to be monitored and goes hand in hand with operational excellence (OPEX) and managed risks. Fill in our contact form and let's have a free and open talk about your challenges. Why not??

Portfolio & Project Management

Maximize your project value!

For a private company or a public administration, the composition of a project portfolio that supports the achievement of its objectives, in the best possible way, is not an easy task… But getting projects done on time, on budget and on scope and managing their benefits is a huge challenge as well, as everyone knows. 

Strategic MCS supported - and still supports - many different organizations successfully in managing their portfolio and projects, coping with their project governance and establishing supporting structures. Why should we not support yours? 

What are the main ingredients of our offer in project management?

  • Portfolio management – choosing the right things to do.
  • Deploying a project governance – straightforward, transparent, under control and applied with discipline are the main keywords.
  • A structured project management method, adapted to your needs – pushing you to manage your projects ‘in the right way’…
  • The right project management skills – implementing a method is one thing, choosing the right skills that work with it, is another…
  • Establishment of a supporting PMO-environment – nothing as valuable as a strong and available central control and command!
  • Change management - 'projects' means 'change'... so make change management part of your project management approach!


Take a look at our other domains of expertise:

Strategy Development & Execution / Business Process Management & Lean / Performance Management


We can audit/assess your actual way of working and maturity in this domain,we can  benchmark your portfolio and project management practice, we offer consultancy and coaching of your management team(s) and/or individual managers, we can train your teams and/or monitor and manage your portfolio and projects throughout your organization.