Strategic MCS Consultants supports organisations and companies with the development and execution of their strategy. But strategy execution needs to be monitored and goes hand in hand with operational excellence (OPEX) and managed risks. Fill in our contact form and let's have a free and open talk about your challenges. Why not??

Performance Management

Get things done!

You can’t manage what you don’t measure! But… we only measure what we need to know to reach our (strategic) objectives.

How often didn’t we observe organizations measuring the most trivial things, but not – or not enough – the indicators that really matter…? 

Strategic MCS can support you in defining those indicators that make a world of a difference for the future of your organization. And we will support you in structuring them with a logic behind.

Which ingredients can we serve?

  • The right measures – as we said, we only want to measure what really matters!
  • The right KPI’s & targets – distinguish ‘top level’ strategic indicators from operational performance indicators for instance.
  • Building dashboards for each management level – collect the measures you need and consult them at a glance.


Take a look at our other domains of expertise:

Strategy Development & Execution / Business Process Management & Lean / Portfolio & Project Management


We can audit/assess your actual maturity in measuring, score carding, objective-setting and dashboarding, we can benchmark your practice with the practices and indicators from your colleagues and competitors, we offer consultancy and coaching for your management team(s) and/or individual managers, as well as training and evenually also the  monitoring and managing your dashboards.